Thank you House District 144. With your support, we won a great victory on Tuesday. As we prepare to move forward together, please provide us a little contact information using the form below. Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the future.


Gilbert Pena for State Rep Take Back 144Welcome to my campaign website. I am seeking to become the next State Representative in Texas House District 144.

My message is simple: I want better educational choices, more vocational training, more jobs and opportunities within the booming oil and gas refineries in our district, and I want to protect my neighbors and our businesses from crime.

 In Texas, pursuit of opportunity can be unlimited. We should strive to keep Texas as free as possible.

I hope you will join my campaign and I want to ask you for your vote this November.

Gilbert Pena

Gilbert Pena with campaign volunteers

Rallying with campaign volunteers before another afternoon taking back District 144.


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  1. Congratulations. Helping you was well worth the effort. I know that you will work for the people of District 144.

  2. Congratulations my cousin Gilbert Pena. Very proud of you winning your election to represent the people in your district 144.

    Belinda Castro

  3. Good morning Mr. Pena, I am in support of HB2363. Thank you for your hard work and common sense, I am eternally grateful.

    Thank You.

    Another alienated father

  4. May I send you an article on immigration from the Houston Chronicle? It’s very informative, definitely anti-clinton and about three minute read. I have been looking for an address, can’t find one, I hesitated to reach out this way, but felt it worth considering the content.
    Consuelo R. Kight

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